BDK Manufacturing Solutions launches, aims to strengthen companies

BDK Manufacturing Solutions launches, aims to strengthen companies

BDK Manufacturing Solutions launches, aims to strengthen companies

Consultancy uses lean principles, focuses on personnel development

A new consulting service is showing manufacturers how to operate more efficiently during a challenging time for the industry. Naples, Florida-based BDK Manufacturing Solutions, LLC draws from the more than 30 years that company President Bob Ferris has spent helping manufacturing companies eliminate waste, build teams and get results.

“There are, as we know, so many things to factor into a successful operation: culture, efficiency and inventory management, to name a few,” Ferris said. “My extensive and successful background in lean manufacturing principles, continuous improvement and team development can benefit any forward-thinking organization. Let me help you take your manufacturing company to the next level.”

As a cable plant manager, he guided Mark Products Inc. from a non-saleable position to a $14 million sale in five years. The Houston-based manufacturer of products used in oil and gas exploration had gone through 25 cable plant managers in 27 years before Ferris came on board. He brought stability along with significant gains in revenue and profit, ultimately taking the business from negligible profitability to a $2.3 million profit in his final year. Waste dropped from 5% cost of goods produced to 1% during his tenure, and indirect labor went from 35% to 21% of total hours.

Mark Products was sold to SERCEL near the end of Ferris’ tenure, and Ferris was recruited from SERCEL to become vice president of operations at Pelican Wire in Naples. He helped transition the fine wire supplier from a family-owned and operated business to a structured entity with a realistic growth plan, growing revenue fivefold during his first five years. He participated in three merger and acquisition ventures between 2012 and 2018 and successfully oversaw the consolidation of the company from four satellite offices into one.

Process evaluation and improvement will be a key focus for BDK, along with improving shop floor management, improving communication, supervisory skills training, and the development of performance metrics. BDK can help manufacturers set goals and develop key performance indicators.

“The better your culture, the better your production, ” Ferris said. “We remove roadblocks to get your people moving.”

Bob was facility superintendent at an Okonite Cables plant in South Carolina, where he hired and trained a workforce of 60 operating employees and four supervisors, testament to his background in human resources. He holds a Professional in Human Resources certification and has demonstrated success negotiating win-win compromises and formulating personnel manuals, corporate policies, job descriptions and management reports.

That level of expertise not just on the production side but on the people side is what sets BDK apart. Visit the newly launched to see how BDK can help manufacturers grow revenue, increase profits and reduce costs.

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