BDK Manufacturing Solutions, LLC was established in 2019 to help manufacturers maximize performance and get the most out of their business. Company President Bob Ferris leverages his extensive and successful background in lean manufacturing principles, continuous improvement and team development to maximize your company’s potential. Gain from his experience.

BDK President Bob Ferris knows how to get results.

These case studies show why.

Past Work

Cable Plant Manager

  • Grew annual revenue from $6 million to $10 million in five years.

  • Increased profit from negligible to $2.3 million in five years.

  • Guided company from non-saleable position to $14 million sale.


Mark Products, a manufacturer of products used in oil and gas exploration, had gone through 25 cable plant managers in 27 years before Bob started. Bob implemented new technology, taught best practices to operations and leadership personnel, introduced lean manufacturing principles, and refined the company’s purchasing. During his five years (1998-2003) with the company, he and his team reduced waste from 5 percent cost of goods produced to 1 percent cost of goods produced, and they cut indirect labor from 35 percent to 21 percent of total hours

Vice President of Operations

  • Grew revenue fivefold between 2004 and 2008

  • Reduced benefits costs by 15 percent between 2003 and 2008.

  • Participated in three merger and acquisition ventures between 2012 and 2018.


Bob was recruited to help transition the fine wire supplier from a family-owned and operated enterprise to a structured entity with a realistic growth path. Bob boosted Pelican Wire’s organizational on-time delivery rate from 78 percent to 93 percent by improving operational efficiencies and building strong communication with customers and vendors. He also successfully oversaw the consolidation of the company from four satellite facilities into one, with zero customer dissatisfaction during the transition.

Facility Superintendent | Manufacturing Supervisor

  • Helped facility go from zero profitability to 29 percent profitability from 1992-98.

  • Reduced critical extrusion setup times by more than 30 percent from 1986-92.

  • Cut waste by more than tenfold, saving company $700,000 annually from 1992-98.


Bob played a leading role in fostering this power, utility and distribution cable manufacturer that started with a $58 million investment and grew into a thriving enterprise with annual revenues of $144 million. He oversaw the doubling in size of the Orangeburg plant and hired and trained a workforce of 60 operating employees and four supervisors.

Build with us

Bob has spent decades delivering tangible results for manufacturers. Now, as president of BDK Manufacturing Solutions, he can do the same for you. Let’s get started today.

Why I Founded BDK Manufacturing Solutions, LLC

Hi, I’m Bob Ferris. I have a been a very lucky individual over the past three-plus decades. During that period of time I have been employed in the manufacturing sector, primarily with three businesses in the wire and cable industry. All of them have been very different yet wonderful companies.

Over the years, I have grown professionally. I started out as a manufacturing associate setting up and operating a variety of machinery, and I moved into different positions of ascending responsibility. Ultimately, I entered the executive ranks as a vice president of operations.

Manufacturing has provided a wonderful life, with good friends and relationships. I’ve also had the opportunity to live and work in several states and travel extensively. At this stage of life and career, I want to share some of the knowledge I’ve accumulated to help manufacturers improve and grow, whether they’re established, just starting up, or still in the exploratory phase.

There are, as we know, so many things to factor into a successful operation: culture, efficiency and inventory management, to name a few. My extensive and successful background in lean manufacturing principles, continuous improvement and team development can benefit any forward-thinking organization. Let me help you take your manufacturing company to the next level.